Tra di Noi Malibu


I will be coming back here again!  The food was above and beyond my expectations.  Can’t speak highly enough.  Love everything about this place. —Laurie P./Malibu, CA

We always have a nice, quiet yummy meal at this little place tucked away at the Malibu Country Mart.  We’ve sampled risotto, ravioli, pizza and salad, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all on more than one visit.  Especially the risotto.  A cut above the average Italian fare.
Nice atmosphere too.
—Theatre G./Los Angeles, CA

Delicious food, wonderful service. —Monica D./Malibu CA

Yum, yum give me some! This place is fantastic!  Homemade pastas, that are just the right texture and cooked to al dente perfection.

My aunt and I dined on freshly made Ceasar salad that had the right amount of anchovies, and freshly shaved parm.  We also had cheese ravioli and beef bolognese and a spaghetti carbonara.

You can also expect to see a lot of “Hollywood” types here.  Everyone from studio executives to A-D list celebs. We ran into Pauly Shore yesterday.  Also, expect to see a lot of men who show of their machisimio with they expensive ferraris and lamborginis.

Go to Tra di Noi for the food and be entertained by the people. —Jaime L./Huntington Beach, CA

Oh hello, where have you been all my life?
— or at least that part of my life that has transpired after my travels through Italy oh so many years ago when I was too poor to be able to afford anything except the spaghetti carbonara that could usually be found at most trattorias.

Since that time I have had a completely unsatisfactory quest for that perfect spaghetti carbonara.  Generally in North America it is just way too creamy. 

Which brings me to my recent trip to Malibu.  I’ve been to Tra Di Noi a few times in my life, but had not been for a number of years.  While in Malibu on business I read about the new Chef and updated menu at Tra Di Noi in one of those glitzy, shiny travel magazines they leave in hotel rooms.  The magazine had some delectable-looking photos, but it was the narrative description of the Spaghetti Carbonara that caught my eye.  So my colleagues and I thought we would give it a try.

Being bold, I ordered absolutely nothing in the way of preliminaries.  No salad, no appetizer.  I didn’t even touch the bread.  Even bolder, I ordered not just the Spaghetti Carbonara, but an order and a half!  I was hungry and hoping for the best.  Boy oh boy, did my bold moves pay off.  I was delighted with the dish.  Tra Di Noi did not disappoint.  Since this was going to be my last visit to Tra Di Noi this year, I’m happy I have the memory of a HUGE bowl of spaghetti carbonara dancing in my brain until I am back next year and can order some more.

I do have to confess that I did manage to eat the entire thing.  Though I definitely did not have room for dessert.

As for the rest of the place, the restaurant is quite nice – what place at the Country Mart in Malibu isn’t?  The wait staff is fine, everything is good, but the spaghetti carbonara is GREAT!!!!
—Joanne E./Evanston, IL

I love this place.  If Malibu hadn’t been encased in fog on New Year’s Eve, I never would have stopped in, choosing instead to go somewhere with a view.  I would have sorely missed out.

The food was amazing.  When I didn’t see Puttanesca as an option for my pasta, they made a comparable sauce that wowed my taste buds for days.  My dining companion had homemade gnocchi that I had to pass up because of a food allergy, but I envied every orgasmic look his face made with each bite. We shared a salad with Arrugula, Endive, Orange slices and a citrus dressing (the name escapes me) that was crisp, refreshing and delicious. If I could have fit a dessert into my tummy, I would have jumped at the chance to try one.

The best part of Tra di Noi was the impeccable service.  We were treated like celebrities, which may or may not be due to the fact that they frequent the Country Mart eateries and expect nothing less.

The prices were more than I’m used to spending in Seattle for a comparable restaurant, but that also may be due to the area. Each dish was between $25 and $35.  Well worth it, though! We’ll absolutely be back.  —Angela B/Seattle, WA

On a sunday afternoon, this is a perfect place to have a great lunch and watch people… the cool thing about this place is that they have an express line on the left of the restaurant which is quite convenient because we didn’t want to wait and sit for the restaurant…. so i guess this is for the express line.
fast friendly folks
good food..
what more can you ask for when you have the beach few steps away… its located in the country mart so you can shop while you please:)  free parking!  —Jennifer S./San Diego, CA

Very good foodGreat service and fantastic ambiance. —Charles B./Malibu, CA

Had such a nice dinner here on Saturday night.  Walked in around 8 without a reservation, and they were so friendly and polite.  Found us a great table on their beautiful patio, and started us out with a delicious bread basket served with a very tasty olive tapenade dipping sauce.  Yum.  Our capri pizza was amazing, thin, crisp crust, delicious sauce, and topped with burrata, basil, olive oil and salt.  It’s something I will crave from time to time.  Good wine list, good service.  Well worth the visit.  We will be back! —Cal L./West Hills, CA

Most romantic restaurant in Malibu with some of the most delicious high end Italian food on the West Coast.  Worth the splurge.

They have a charming second kitchen attached for pizzas and sandwiches for locals looking for a Saturday playdate at the near by park.  Also a big win.

Antonio will make you feel like a part of his family from day one. —Melinda W./Calabasas, CA

Having grown up with the best of Italian food with family and family friends in the New Jersey and New York area, I am especially picky about going out to an Italian restaurant.  The only Italian place I have found in Los Angeles that meets my Italian standards is Tra di Noi.  The food is of the highest caliber and the service is as professional as it gets.  Make this a super special treat.
—Andy M./Simi Valley, CA

sooo yummy! By far one of my favorite places in Malibu. Great food and great service!
—Shayna D./Agoura, CA

Local place. Delicious. Have been coming here since it opened. Yum.
—Johanna W./San Francisco, CA